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Advanced Pharmacology - II
Advanced Pharmacology - II
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Author(s):Dr. Harikiran Lingabathula, Putta Swetha, Dr. Maheshwaram Vidhya, E. Rajasree and Dr. Azmath Farhana
Publication Year:2023
Binding:Paper Back

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The goal of Advanced Pharmacology-II was to present drug-related issues that are seldom covered in books or libraries despite their critical significance for the knowledge base of any given healthcare practitioner. The sole purpose of its publication is to offer readers a reliable resource from which they may learn more about understudied areas of pharmacology. Students pursuing degrees in pharmacy at the doctoral, master's, and bachelor's levels, as well as other medical professionals, are encouraged to read this book. The book is an effective teaching tool for postgraduate students, and it also assists clinicians and other healthcare professionals in comprehending the pharmacological foundation of pharmacotherapeutics. This is accomplished by providing rational explanations for specific issues in pharmacology, which makes reading the book much simpler