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All About Tournaments & Fixtures
All About Tournaments & Fixtures
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Chief Editor:Dr. Ashwin R and Namita R Sarang
Publication Year:2022
Binding:Paper Back

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Millions of people follow and participate in professional, amateur, recreational, organised, and unorganised sports. Whoever is in charge of planning a sporting event therefore bears a tremendous amount of responsibility, regardless of the type of competition. Scheduling international competitions is typically straightforward, but less so for lower-level competitions. We both being in the profession of Physical Education and Sports came across many situations where we saw people having problems drawing fixtures for a large number of entries or even when they had to break a tie during a round robin tournament. This was where we thought of writing a book which gives a detailed explanation about types of tournaments, the procedures of drawing a fixture, the rules and regulations that govern during drawing a fixture and breaking a tie.
This book examines the organisational aspects of tournaments, including scheduling, format, and fixture draw. Numerous chapters provide detailed information on specific tournaments, with examples for each to aid in understanding the format. Detailed information on specific tournaments, with examples for each to aid in understanding the format. Readers will find examples for fixtures with four to sixty-four participants, in formats such as halves, quarters, and when seedings and byes are awarded.
Separate chapters are also devoted to the various tournament types, including Elimination tournaments, Double Elimination tournaments, Combination tournaments, and Round Robin tournaments, as well as their advantages and disadvantages and procedure for breaking ties in round robin formats.
We hope that this effort of ours serves as a guide for anyone who is trying to understand the basics of fixtures for a tournament and wants to know the procedures involved in it.